Why change is good for the soul … and the business by Scott Torrance

In April, my company merged with entertainment design company, FORREC Ltd. It was a big day for me, and our team is now well settled in at our new Liberty Village location. But I’ll be honest that when the announcement came out, I did get the calls…. a few wondered if I wasn’t swimming into the mouth of the whale, agreeing to be swallowed up whole.

I’m here to say that we’re still Scott Torrance Landscape Architect (STLA) – only better.

I’ve owned my own landscape architecture practice for over a decade.  I’ve loved every project we’ve ever done at STLA and I’m proud of them all. But I really believe that change and growth is a critical part of the evolution of a company.

No denying, it’s a pretty big sea change.

At first glance, FORREC and STLA may look like the odd couple. STLA is a 10-person firm, well-known for our work in Toronto and Southern Ontario. We’re recognized for our award-winning local design work that connects people to nature.  FORREC is an international, multidisciplinary company with 120 employees – landscape architects, creative directors, interior designers, graphic designers and architects working around the world for some of the biggest brands.

And that’s why FORREC brings a perspective to design that enhances what STLA does. It’s a global viewpoint. There is value in having someone on your side who lives and breathes world trends and cultures.

FORREC is about big ideas, well-told stories and a memorable experiences. The creative back and forth and agonizing over details is something to see – because you have to sweat every nuance when the project scope is 40 hectares.

FORREC is about the art of planning guest experiences. Knowing what it takes to inspire people who come to a place to explore it and return often… our clients’ projects can only benefit from that mindset.

And best of all, FORREC began as a landscape architecture company, designing signature projects in Toronto. We are the same at heart. The only difference for me is I now have a wonderful team of over 30 landscape architects and designers.

Our core clients remain the same: architecture; engineering and planning firms; developers; municipalities and government agencies; and universities and colleges. I’m excited to bring our blended FORREC-STLA expertise to bear on the next project, large or small, that we do in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada.

The way I see it, the next time I’m asked if I can handle a project in Canada that has many more moving parts – or is bigger — than what STLA has done before, I can confidently say yes. Because the FORREC and STLA merger is truly a winning equation for our clients: one + one = three.

Read the FAQ on the merger:  STLA FAQ