School and Outdoor Play Environments

outdoor-playScott Torrance approaches designing for schools and campuses as a unique challenge that intersects education, aesthetics and functionality.

The benefits of an architecturally landscaped school extend far beyond its visual appeal. One of the key factors for students and parents when choosing a school is the experience of walking around the campus.

The grounds of any school are rich with potential to expand the educational experience of the students into the natural world. Architecturally landscaped grounds also have the benefit of promoting safety, reducing vandalism and fostering a stronger relationship with the surrounding community.


Scott Torrance’s school and outdoor play environment designs also provide a number of other benefits to the student body, including:

  • improved physical health: space to run, walk and play outdoors
  • increased social connection: areas for meeting and lounging
  • stronger ties to the surrounding community: sites that become local landmarks

Scott Torrance works closely with schools and childcare facilities to create outdoor learning environments that:

  • align with the educational philosophy of the client
  • enhance the subjects, materials and concepts being taught inside
  • expand the learning opportunities to include outdoor exploration and a connection to nature

Scott Torrance brings his wide expertise crafting both urban and green landscapes to create campus and school designs that deepen students’ learning capacity academically, physically and socially, and provides designs that are both creative and practical, allowing schools and parents to offer children a stimulating but low-maintenance space.

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