Residential Garden Design

horticultural-designScott Torrance’s passion for ornamental horticulture, planting design and indigenous flora results in the careful cultivation of gorgeous, creative landscapes for his clients.

The team has travelled extensively to study the great gardens of Europe, including Italian Renaissance villas, French chateaux of the Loire Valley, Islamic gardens of Spain, estates of the English Landscape School, Edwardian gardens of Lutyens and Jekyll and American country estates.


With this knowledgeable and inspired base, Scott Torrance and his team at Scott Torrance Landscape Architect Inc., which includes an on-staff certified horticulturist, will choose the most attractive and sustainable plants for your landscaping needs.

Having worked on a wide variety of projects in the public, private and commercial sectors, the team has the skills to cultivate designs for any space, from green roofs that blend in with surrounding meadows and planting native seeds for a nature trail installation to cultivating more exotic and unique plants to suit a private backyard or corporate theme.

With precise planning and inspired designs, Scott Torrance Landscape Architect Inc. will help you achieve your desired look in a sustainable way.

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