Toronto Public Library: Scarborough Civic Centre Branch

Scarborough Civic Centre
TPL Scarborough Civic Centre branch

The green roof and public realm of the new Scarborough Centre Branch of the Toronto Public Library integrates strong urban design into an open space program that educates users and showcases innovative ecological design.  The sloped design of the green roof allows users on the ground floor and on the elevated connection to the adjacent Scarborough Civic Centre to view the roof.

The 1,550m2 roof uses principles of biodiverse green roof design to create habitat for birds and insects, varying soil depths (ranging from 50 to 150mm) to support a variety of plant species.  The design maximized loading capabilities by strategically locating deeper planting areas where structure allowed.  By mimicking an alvar ecology (native to southern Ontario) the design provides 50% vegetated cover on the roof while improving the ecological performance over the entire roof surface.

The east edge of the site has several mature trees that were preserved through the design and integrated into the overall layout of the site providing screening and views of nature from within the library.

The public realm design seamlessly integrates with the overarching strategy for the Scarborough Civic Centre District.  Paving, street furniture and street tree planting will create a consistent and enjoyable character and street life for the revitalized centre.

Project Size: 4,175m2
Date Completed: In Progress
Owner/Client: Toronto Public Library
Project Team: Levitt Goodman Architects (Lead) / Scott Torrance Landscape Architect Inc.
Location: Toronto, ON