Victoria Bell

Intermediate Landscape Architect



Victoria-BellVictoria is a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer with experience in public and private sectors. Drawing on her work in assisted housing open space design and community engagement, she tackles design challenges with a balanced and inquisitive approach that responds to the context and character of every project.

Victoria’s passion for creating and promoting sustainable urban public space (both ecologically and socially) has led her to locations around the world. She uses every opportunity to immerse herself in new cultures and settings. Her academic research and interests focus on the role of infrastructure and public space as economic and social generators in at-risk populations.

Victoria appreciates engaging with youth and community groups through outreach projects and volunteer opportunities. While working with Scott Torrance Landscape Architect Inc. she facilitated a 13-week workshop for at-risk youth, in collaboration with Luminato and Regent Park Focus. Victoria continues to engage in academic pursuits and research opportunities and has been an invited guest lecturer at the School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University on several occasions.

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