The Ghesig Daycare Center for Native Child and Family Services featured in Canadian Architect

Congratulations to Levitt Goodman Architects, whose  Ghesig Daycare Centre  in Scarborough is featured in this month’s Canadian Architect. We were honored to be  a part of such a creative team and design a unique natural play space.

This linear naturalized playground provides integrated specialized spaces for each age group from preschooler to adults. The diverse elements of the playground allow for creative play, independent play, small group play and large group gatherings. A soft rubber surface provides a safe zone for crawlers and toddlers, while a linear path provides a trail for young bike riders. A linear bioswale that runs the length of the site helps in storm water management and provides an interesting interactive learning element for young users of the natural process of water and its management. Large boulders located sporadically along the bioswale, log edging and large play mounds provide interactive play elements and independent seating opportunities. A Three Sisters Garden (corn, squash and beans) in low mounds in the southern portion of the site allows for gardening, nature education as well as traditional culture education.