Happy 1st Anniversary to West Don Lands Block 1

It’s been almost a year since the official opening of West Don Lands Block 1 on June 29, 2015.  Scott recently dropped by to see how the landscape is doing in this city block which hosts three TCHC buildings – two for families and one for seniors.  The public realm that connects the three buildings is a pedestrian-friendly woonerf with large mature trees, a water feature, and a pergola shading an outdoor seating area.  The landscape, according to project manager Lei Chang, “is designed to support the comfort and safety of the seniors and families that live there, with shading and seating so that residents can enjoy the outdoor space.  A series of planters connects through the space, and details such as the heritage-inspired horseshoe pattern on the concrete side wall create a distinct character.  The concept is simple, clean, and ties in with the Pan Am Village Master Plan.” Permeable paving and a green roof on all three buildings add to the sustainability of this LEED Gold project.