ESRI Canada wins OALA award

On June 5th 2010, ESRI Canada received the OALA Ontario Certificate of Merit for Service to the Environment in part for their green roof  ‘ESRI Canada’s Garden in the Sky’. This urban oasis delivers important environmental and economic benefits. It has improved air quality and reduced surface temperature by 2%, resulting in lower energy consumption for air conditioning. The green roof retains up to 75% of summer precipitation, significantly reducing stormwater runoff and sewer overflow.

The green roof has added 7,500 square feet of usable space without increasing rent. It provides visitors and staff with a visually stimulating environment and lush outdoor space for corporate gatherings and informal lunch breaks.

More significantly, the green roof has enabled ESRI Canada to promote environmental stewardship and illustrate how organizations can integrate green initiatives into their business. The company’s green roof has received significant attention from customers, partners, media and the community.

ESRI Canada’s example demonstrates how landscape architecture such as green roofs promotes sustainable environments. It also shows how environmental stewardship is compatible with business success.

View from Meeting Room
Sempervivum arachnoideum (Hens and Chicks)